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Guidewire Policy Center Course Overview

Guidewire PolicyCenter training typically covers a range of topics, including policy setup, product configuration, rules and workflows, integration with other Guidewire modules, reporting, and customization. Participants are often provided with access to a sandbox environment to practice and apply what they have learned. Guidewire Education is designed for individuals who are involved in business analysis activities related to implementing or managing Guidewire PolicyCenter in insurance companies. This Guidewire training program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively gather, document, and analyze business requirements and translate them into PolicyCenter configurations.

Guidewire Policy Center Key Features

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At Fiesttech, we value the trust of our patrons immensely. But, if you feel that this Guidewire Policy Center does not meet your expectations, we offer a 7-day money-back guarantee. Just send us a refund request via email within 7 days of purchase and we will refund 100% of your payment, no questions asked!
  • Policy Center Core Entities & Data Model
  • Policy - Submission, Change, Renewal and more...
  • Policy Center Configuration & Integration
  • Policy Underwriting Issues/Authority Profiles
  • Policy Rating, Web Services - SOAP and REST
  • Policy Product Model/Designer changes

Skills Covered

  • New Customer Onboarding
  • Accounts and Policy Creation
  • Policy Submission Txn
  • Policy Ratings Config
  • Various Policy Life Cycles
  • Policy Underwriting
  • Policy Business Rules
  • Product Model and Designer Config
  • Policy Documents
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Guidewire® PolicyCenter training can help you land lucrative roles in IT, Insurance, P&C Insurance. 

Insurers are increasingly adopting PolicyCenter and other Guidewire products to modernize their operations and enhance customer experiences. There is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in PolicyCenter configuration, customization, and integration, making training in this area valuable. The insurance industry is evolving, with insurers focusing on digital transformation, data analytics, and customer-centric strategies. PolicyCenter plays a vital role in supporting these initiatives. Guidewire tutorial helps people learn and excel with Guidewire Skillset

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Training Options

Explore all of our training options and pick your suitable ones to enroll and start learning with us! We ensure that you will never regret it!

Self-Paced Learning
  • Lifetime Access to 30+ hours of Guidewire Training Recordings
  • Access to Policy Center Live URL
  • Access to Product Model Live URL
  • Access to Policy Center Rating Engine
  • Part of PC Support Group
  • Policy Center Business Use Cases
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support
Instructor-led Learning
  • Everything in Self-Paced Learning, plus
  • 30 days of Virtual Machine Access 
  • Live Sessions with Instructor
  • Daily training session on PC
  • Interview prep with real time use cases
  • One to one mentorship
  • Access to Policy Center Use Cases 

Classes starting from:-

05th  Dec 2023: Weekday Class

09th  Dec 2023: Weekend Class

Job Guarantee Training Program
Customized to your needs
  • Dedicated Job Specific training
  • One to One Mock Interviews
  • Preparing Resume with required SkillSet
  • Scheduling Multiple Interviews
  • Real-time Interview Questions Answers 
  • Enterprise dashboards for individuals and teams
  • 24x7 learner assistance and support    

Who Can Apply

  • Java Developers
  • Freshers / Fresh College passouts
  • Guidewire Experienced
  • Professionals looking to switch to Insurance domain
  • Business Analyst with some other domain
  • Technical Team willing to learn GW Policy Center

Guidewire Policy Center Course Curriculum


Guidewire PolicyCenter training is typically designed for individuals working in the insurance industry. This includes business analysts, policy administrators, underwriters, developers, and IT professionals who support insurance operations. Most PolicyCenter training programs do not have strict educational prerequisites. However, a background in business, IT, or a related field may be advantageous.


Many Guidewire PolicyCenter training programs are designed for specific job roles within the insurance industry, such as business analysts, policy administrators, underwriters, developers, or IT professionals. Therefore, your eligibility may depend on your current job role and level of experience. While not always mandatory, having a basic understanding of insurance principles, policy lifecycle, and industry terminology can be beneficial. Some courses assume that participants have this foundational knowledge.

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Course Content

Live Course

Self Paced

Intro to Policy Transactions
Accounts Creation
Intro to Policy File
Product Model Introduction
Quick Quote & Full Application Submissions
Overview of Policy Tools
Policy Change & Preemption transactions
Policy Renewal, Cancellations, Reinstatement & Rewrite transactions
Out Of Sequence Transactions
Policy User and Groups
Organizations and Producer Codes
Intro to Policy Forms
Introduction to Underwriting Authority
Concepts of Revisioning Contacts and Locations
Introduction to Permission Configuration
Creating Activities
The Job Lifecycle
Configure Underwriting Authority
Product Model - Products and Policy Lines
Product Model - Coverages
Product Model - Coverage Terms
Product Model - Availability
Product Model - Questions Sets & Offerings
Product Model - Modifiers
Policy Holds & Underwriting Referral Reasons
Documents, Notes and Activities
Roles & Permissions, Validations
Premium Audits
Rating Basics
Policy Center Data Model
Configuring Location Groups & Pages
Configuring Job Wizards
Contacts & Locations
Concepts of Revisioning
Raising Underwriting Issues
Approving Underwriting Issues
Validation Classes
Concepts of Revisioning Contacts and Locations Information
Location Informations
Introduction to Permission Configuration
Creating and Assigning Activities
Assigning Activities
The Job Lifecycle
Gosu Queries
Introduction to Integration
GOSU for Integration
Gosu Bundles and Database Transaction
Gosu Templates
XML Modeler and Stringly Typed XML
Intro to Plugins
SOAP Web Services - Outbound / Inbound
Messaging Architecture
Triggering Messaging
Creating Messages
Message Payload Transformation
Integration View
RESTful Web Services
Sending Messages
Acknowledging Messages
Batch Processes
Document Management
Integration to Guidewire Cloud

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Industry Projects

Guidewire Industry Projects

Guidewire Policy Center Exam & Certification

Guidewire Certification is offered by Guidewire Education, the same can be accessed from 
Since Guidewire is not open source, so the Certifications are not for Individuals. Guidewire Certifications are only for Working Professional and these need to be sponsored by your employers.Being Certified is not required to attempt for Guidewire open positions, you can learn the course and practice. Once you are comfortable can attempt for Job opportunity with companies hiring on Guidewire Skillset. After selection, can ask your employer to sponsor your Certifications. Or they'll sponsor you as they need their Guidewire resources to be Certified.

No, Guidewire Certification is not mandatory for Job Interview. As technically any individual can't apply for certification on its own. You need to be working on Guidewire to apply for certification. Actually Certification is needed by the Implementation partners organizations to bid for new Guidewire Projects. For this Organisations need to show number of Guidewire Certified people on their payroll. That's what your future employer or HRs ask for pre-certified candidates if they can get. It's a big win for the recruiter and the company will get a ready to deploy certified Guidewire professional. 

Guidewire Certification is Authorized from Guidewire Education, and it's only for Guidewire Partners. Only Organizations who are partnered firm with Guidewire can share Certification Vouchers to to their employees. After completing training with us you will be able to attempt Certification and can clear in first attempt. This Crtificate is required to showcase how many Certified professinals a company has to bid for work with Guidewire. So this not a mandate to apply for jobs and our training will ensure your chances to be selected in companies working on Guidewire and later post your joining you can attempt this Certification.

You'll need Vouchers from Guidewire Education and login credentials to

Yes, Our Guidewire courses are designed as per latest course curriculum from Guidewire Education and is per de-facto standard. We cover all the course contentwhich is required to attmept all Guidewire functional and Technical Certifications. Our trainer covers all topics and prepare you for Certification and even share some real time preparation questions.

Yes, You can attempt Certifications as many time as you want. Few Open Book Certifications comes with unlimited attempts BUT for some Proctored Certification there will be single attmept and for second attempt it will ask you to purchase these Certifications again with a cost of 350$ or 370$.


Guidewire Policy Center Course Reviews


Why Online Bootcamp

Guidewire Policy Center Business Analyst Training

A Guidewire PolicyCenter Business Analyst is a professional who specializes in analyzing business requirements and implementing solutions using Guidewire PolicyCenter, which is an insurance policy administration system

Guidewire Policy Center Development Training

Guidewire PolicyCenter is designed to help insurance companies manage the entire policy lifecycle, including quoting, underwriting, policy issuance, endorsements, renewals, and cancellations

Guidewire Policy Center Configuration

Guidewire PolicyCenter Configuration involves setting up and customizing the PolicyCenter system to align with the specific business requirements and processes of an insurance organization

Guidewire Policy Center Integration

PolicyCenter allows you to define and configure insurance products, coverages, and rates. This includes setting up product definitions, defining coverages, specifying rating algorithms, and configuring rules


Guidewire Policy Center Course FAQs

No, there's no pre-requisite for this course. Anyone with basic understanding of application can learn Guidewire Policy Center Applications. Policy Center is the face of Insurance Companies and help them acquire some fresh Clients. You can start your Guidewire learning spree with Policy Center. This requires you no previous knowledge on Insurance domain or anything else.

Guidewire Policy Center Course will focus mostly on Accounts and Policy Transactions, Everything under the head of Policy Lifecycle, It will Include Product Model and related changes with Product Designer, Policy Documents, Notes and Policy Underwriting issues and Configuring Underwriting Authorities. This course will cover Policy Out Of Sequence transactions, Pre-emption transactions and many more topics. For more details, you can download our syllabus from above.

Yes, Since the training content has been curated with the latest course outline from Guidewire Education and it covers all topics as what'll be asked in Policy Center Certifications. This course will help you with working knowledge on Policy Center from Policy Center Data Model to Policy UI Architecture and all Policy Functional use cases including all Policy Transactions. It covers all Policy related Product Model and Underwriting Business Rules, and others. So, YES it will give you a good chance to attempt Policy Center certification post completion of this training program.

Guidewire Policy Center is most sought after SkillSet and there are very few people with a working knowledge on Policy Center. Since Policy knowledge is required to manage all Policy related customizations and Implementations and with so many Client using Policy Center, there are huge scope in market with Policy Center Skill in your toolkit. Since this is the face of Insurance, you have highest number of opening with Policy Center. We can recommend some possible Job opportunities on Policy Center as well under our Job Assistance Program.

Yes, If you are coming from Insurance Domain it will give you an added advantage, you will be equipped with knowledge needed to manage insurance product PLUS we will help you learn Policy Center with an exposure of an expert level. With this training plus your Insurance domain experience will be perfect match for the Interviewers and You will be able to answer some scenario based questions as well.

There are over 60+ Companies worldwide which hire people on Guidewire Skillset. Few of them we have mentioned in our Career Benefit sections. A fair internet search can give me specific names. We are also partnered with some of these companies and we offer dedicated training to their new hires, so we will be able to assist you to get your interview scheduled with some of these firms. I can name some like Deloitte, EY, PWC, Cognizant, Capgemini, Hexaware, Accenture, Zensar, Centric Consulting and many more...

Yes, this Policy Center course will cover all you need to learn to work on Policy Center applications. It covers all basic flow from all Policy Transactions covering all Policy Lifecycle flows, and Policy Rating will also be covered with Rate Books, Rate Table and Rate Routine Implementations. This course will cover hands on experience on Product Model and showing sample implementations using product model, from adding a new Coverage to confugring a new Product Line. Policy Underwriting Rules will also be discussed both from Rules from backend to newly introduced Business Rules from Policy Administration Screen.

We do offer certain Interview Questions for your quick reference. Plus with time we keep updating the set of QuestionAnswers which are frequently asked. Along with Interview Questions, we offer assistance in Resume Preparation and assisting with some possible Job Opportunities.

Definitely, this course has been designed and improved with years of experience and has helped many freshers and people with zero or no industry experience. As this product is not available in market, we expect no previous knowledge on Guidewire Policy Center anyways, so rest assured this course will surely help you irrespective of the fact you are freshers and looking forward to learn one the World's Best Software Product.

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